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[R] 2 hours

Starring Richard Gere, Steve Buscemi, and Michael Sheen

This comic and compassionate drama  tells the story of a little man whose downfall is rooted in a human frailty all too easy to forgive—a need to matter. Norman Oppenheimer (Gere) lives a lonely life dreaming up financial schemes that never come to fruition. Norman sets his sights on Micha Eshel, a charismatic Israeli politician at a low point in his career.  Sensing Eshel’s vulnerability, Norman reaches out with a gift of a very expensive pair of shoes, a gesture that deeply touches Eshel. When Eshel becomes Prime Minister three years later, he remembers. With his very real connection to the leader of a major nation, Norman is awash in the respect he has always craved. Flush with his newfound feeling of success, Norman attempts to use Eshel’s name to leverage his biggest deal ever.  Norman’s kaleidoscopic plans soon go awry, creating the potential for an international catastrophe he must struggle to prevent.

“Gere’s work in Norman is to be treasured. It’s one of the best performances in any movie this year.”—Richard Roeper