Assistive Technology

The Fargo Theatre is proud to announce the installation of cinema support equipment for the hearing and/or visually impaired.

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Fargo Theatre movie patrons will now have the opportunity to use specialty headphones and personal receivers designed to make the cinema experience inclusive for those that are deaf, blind, hard-of-hearing, or visually impaired.   The headphones can either amplify the existing soundtrack (for those with some hearing loss) or play a special soundtrack with audio description of the action on screen (for those that are visually impaired or blind). The Theatre also offers personal receivers that attach to a patron’s seat and provide Closed Captioning of a movie’s dialogue and sound effects. The receivers are helpful for the deaf or those with significant hearing loss.

The Fargo Lions Club and the Fargo Theatre raised funds for the equipment and installation projection throughout the summer. When the $5,000 goal was reached, the Theatre immediately joined the wait list for installation.

While occasionally an independent or foreign film will not have the encoding necessary to use the support equipment, the vast majority of movies exhibited come standard with HIVI (Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired) tracks on features and trailers. Patrons are encouraged to check for the symbols above in movie listings on this website or call the box office at 701-239-8385 to confirm if a specific title has these options available.